How, What and Why?

I love to cook...ever since I discovered I could make a (semi-decent) living cooking, I have had a constant and wonderful love affair with food. Food has kept me company through jobs, relationships and friends; in good times and bad I have cooked and fed the people around me.
After a while, those people started asking me questions like "how do you cook an artichoke?" "what's the best way to cook a turkey?" "where can I find (insert new culinary ingredient)? and even "how do we fillet this trout we just caught?" over the phone, no less.
Lucky for me, my friends love to cook and eat as well and the more they cook, the more they wanted to know about different dishes, ingredients, recipes and techniques. foodFAQs came about as my answer to all those questions and more.
Through this blog, I hope to share my experiences in the kitchen while learning new things along the way, always cooking and eating. So please explore, learn, cook, eat and enjoy!


Keep It Simple

Cooking and eating during the summer is such a great joy, especially with so much fresh seafood around. And the less done to the fish and seafood, the better! We were very lucky to get a special delivery of just caught bounties of the sea from our friends at DockToDish; beautiful mahi mahi, fresh dug clams and the freshest tuna possible.

Sean Barrett and his friend Rudi caught these lovlies off of Montauk in The Canyons and we could not have been more excited and honored to receive such delicious gifts.

The clams were just tossed with olive oil, garlic and parsley and placed on the grill in a foil baking dish and it could not have been simpler or better tasting.

(mahi mahi and tuna posts to come...)

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